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5 Ways To Supercharge Your Games Room

June 17th 2016

Call it what you like – man cave, den, games room or snug – what home wouldn’t benefit from a room dedicated solely to just hanging out, kicking back and having fun? We show you how to get one and give you the top games room essentials for creating the perfect man cave set up.

Finding the Space

It can be hard to justify stealing a room of the house and turning it into a room solely for fun, but there are ways to find the extra space.

So, before you get carried away coming up with games room ideas, consider whether your loft offers the potential for conversion, or if you have a cellar investigate the costs involved with converting it into habitable space. Alternatively, a garage that is currently used for nothing more than dumping space is the ideal spot for a man cave. If you fancy splashing out, think about creating a man cave in the garden, using a prefab summerhouse or Shepherd’s Hut — the benefits being you can make as much noise as you like and no-one can complain.


Games Rooms Essentials


·        Big TV: Any respectable games room needs a big TV – watching sports or, should you choose to share it with the rest of the family, movies, just isn’t the same on a tiny set. Wall-mounted TVs take up zero floor space, whereas a TV located on a smart TV stand offers storage potential. Take a look at the customisable TV stands from Zespoke with the option of shelving.

Uber cool living and games room

·        Entertainment Systems: Along with a large TV, a games console, speaker system and DVD player, as well as a music system are all key to a successful games room. Keep everything organised and wires under control with a good entertainment unit.

·        Recliner: Whether you are watching TV, making a phone call, reading a good book or simply fancy a lie down, a recliner is one piece of games room furniture you cannot be without.

Consider investing in more than one for a nice symmetrical look, and think about other seating too — gaming chairs, a sofa bed or day bed that mean the room can double up as a guest bedroom and a good-quality large sofa are all ideal pieces of games room furniture


Old school cinema room


·        Mini Fridge/Home Bar: In order to never have to leave the sanctuary of your den, games room accessories that provide much-needed sustenance are invaluable. A mini fridge stocked with refreshments and a home bar for when you are entertaining can really turn the room into something far more than a second living room. Both are ideal,  but one is better than nothing.

The perfect drinks area for your man cave

·        Funky Games Room Accessories: This is your chance to really personalise your new space, so let those creative games room ideas flow. Think neon signs (once seen as tacky, now rather on trend), witty artwork such as this fabulous tin sign, dart board, pool or card table, an eye-catching coffee table in a funky design (look out for customisable coffee tables that can be designed to include your own photographs, football team colours etc.) A stylish heat source too will finish the room off perfectly — a hole in the wall design set with ceramic stones or metal sticks, for example.

Novelty games console coffee table

·        Lighting: Finally, don’t overlook the lighting in this room. Mood lighting is ideal — set your lighting on a dimmer system and include a range of lighting, from integrated spots and starry fibre optics, to side lamps and a hip central pendant

Pendant lighting enhances this snooker table

Don’t worry — we’ll be featuring a blog soon on a room just for the girls……

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