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How to Mount a TV Stand to a Wall

October 6th 2017

Wall-mounted TV stands provide an easy and stylish solution for housing your television equipment — and are the perfect partners for wall-mounted TVs too.


Mounting your TV on the wall is a good way to avoid a cluttered feel, particularly in small living rooms where space is at a premium. It is also the perfect way to achieve an uncluttered, minimalist look in contemporary living rooms.


However, many people are left wondering what to use underneath them and how to store remote controls, boxes etc. This is where wall-mounted TV stands, also known as ‘floating’ TV stands, come into their own.



Wall-Mounted TV Stands

Wall-mounted furniture makes sense for so many interior design schemes. It is a particularly good option for those with small living rooms, where keeping the floor clear creates a greater sense of space.


With the growing trend for wall-mounting TVs, wall-mounted TV stands are becoming more popular than ever, providing a sleek solution for taking care of remote controls and the other associated home entertainment equipment.


Whilst some people choose to wall-mount a simple shelf or two beneath their television, using a TV stand tends to provide more potential for wire management and storage.


Of course it is not just wall-mounted televisions that look great with floating TV cabinets — it is quite possible to simply sit your television on top of this type of TV stand too.


How to Wall Mount a TV Stand

A few companies will wall mount your TV stand for you on delivery, usually for a small charge, whilst others will simply provide the brackets and fixings necessary, as well as providing you with a step-by-step guide.


All of Zespoke’s TV stands are available as wall-mountable, upon request. They come supplied with one bracket already fixed to the table, with the other ready to be fixed to the wall. All instructions are included, but as a guide:


– Before you begin, work out the best position and height for your new television as this will determine the height at which you want your new TV stand to be set. (link here to last blog on TV height)

– Hold the wall fixing section of the bracket against the section attached to the TV stand, and measure the distance between the bottom of the TV stand and the bottom of the bracket.

– Draw a pencil line on the wall, the same length as the TV stand and mark to show where the bottom of the bracket will sit. Then place the wall fixing along this line on the wall, using a spirit level. Mark the drill holes with a pencil.

– Using your drill, make holes in the wall and fit your rawl plugs inside. Hold the bracket in place and use screws to attach it.

– Get someone to help you lift the TV stand into place, securing the two sections of the bracket together with a screwdriver.


Can I Mount a TV Stand on a Stud Wall?

Although it is best to mount a TV stand to a solid wall, stud walls can be used. Rather than fixing the unit directly to the plasterboard, aim to fix it directly to the timber studs behind, either by drilling through the plasterboard or, if necessary, but removing the plasterboard in front of the studs.


In the case of wall-mounted TVs, specialist fittings designed for this very job can be sourced.

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