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Where to Put My TV Stand

October 5th 2017

Where to Put My TV Stand in My Living Room


Love it or hate it, the television is a living room essential. Not so long ago, TV placement and the positioning of your TV stand was dictated pretty much by the enormous breadth and width of the TV sets. Now, however, super slim TVs have introduced many more positioning choices, from TV cabinets that fit snugly in corners to those that act solely as storage beneath a wall mounted TV.


Here are our five top tips on where to place your TV stand in order to make the most of your living room layout.


Position Away from the Sun’s Glare

If possible it always best to positioning your TV stand in such a way that it will not be bathed in direct sunlight. To the side of a window is best and avoid placing it so that the TV screen will be directly in front of a large window.



Place It in a Corner

For many, a TV that compliments the room rather than dominating it is preferable, particularly in living rooms that are also relied upon as quite family spaces as well as sociable gathering areas. Corner TV stands and wall-mounted TVs tucked into a corner work well in these multi-functioning rooms, as well as in open plan living rooms.


A corner TV stand is also a good option for those with a small living room, making the most of every inch available.


Make Use of Alcoves


Another good tip for those who either have a compact living room or who just prefer their TV to take a backseat to the other features in the room is to utilise any alcoves you might have. Commonly, the spaces either side of a fireplace, make the ideal home for a TV stand, nestling the TV out of the way yet also in full view of the seating which is often directed towards a chimney breast. Using a TV cabinet, that can be closed up when not in use also works well in these cases.


Mount it on the Wall


Just as televisions can be wall-mounted, so too can TV stands. In fact, wall-mounted TVs often look best when teamed with a wall-mounted TV stand — it completes the sleek, minimalist look of a living room. Many TV stands can be supplied fitted with wall brackets, ready to be secured to the wall of your choice.



Position it Off Centre


Although the natural place for a TV is often a central one — the spot towards which all sofas and chairs face or the middle of the main wall in the living room – this is not the best solution for all living rooms.


In long narrow living rooms, or in spaces with lots of floor-to-ceiling glazing, it is sometimes a case of using whatever wall space you have available. Use this to your advantage by positioning your TV on a slimline console table and ensure the screen can be adjusted in order to make it possible to view from a variety of angles.


In sociable living rooms, where it is more desirable to group seating around the coffee table rather than the TV, positioning your TV stand at a 90-degree angle to the seating instead.

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