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Product Care

Unpacking Your Zespoke Table

At Zespoke, we like to take the time to make sure your order reaches you in the same condition as it leaves us, so we like to give it some extra TLC when it comes to packaging. This means that your table will be wrapped in bubble wrap with wooden panels on the sides and finished with cardboard around the outside. So you might not think that it is the table you ordered, but you have to get through the fun of unwrapping everything to get to the good stuff inside.


As you are unwrapping, we would advise that you take extra care by avoiding using a knife where possible, scissors will minimise the risk of causing damage to your table.


If your table is High Gloss there will be a clear protective film around all of the surfaces. This is simple to peel off and should reveal your glossy finish underneath.


When the protective film has been removed please allow your table to stand for 24hrs and avoid wiping it down or placing any objects on it. This allows the material to cure and becomes much more scratch resistant. High gloss surfaces do need treated with care however if you follow this step it will make the table much more durable.


On the undersides of your table there is a necessary overlap of the outer acrylic material. This overlap is a perfectly normal part of each table, we can assure you that this part of your table will not come loose over time.


Long Term Care & Maintenance

Keeping your table in top condition couldn’t be easier, especially when you follow these simple guides:


To Clean:

Use a Micro-Fibre cloth with any house hold non-abrasive cleaner such as glass cleaner or household polish.


Our tables are highly heat resistant, however, the use of a coaster or saucer isn’t a bad idea.



The design and structure of our tables is very strong allowing an average loading rating of 30kg, so we would advise that you keep any weight on the table under 30kg. However, upon request on order, we can review this if you require a stronger version for fish tanks.


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