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How to Organise Your Bedside Table

October 20th 2017

If there is one thing a bedroom should not be it is cluttered. This is a space which should feel like a breath of fresh air at the end of the day, somewhere to begin and end the day in tranquility — and a bedside table located right by your head, overflowing with useless bits and pieces is not the way to achieve this.


Thankfully with a few storage tips and tricks and some nifty organisation ideas, a beautifully arranged bedside table can be yours.

Choosing the Right Bedside Table


Begin by looking at your current bedside table — is it the right one for your needs? If it is consistently too small, no matter how much de-cluttering you do, then it might be time to think about a new one. Likewise, a bedside table that is too big can make it difficult to get in and out of bed and generally be a nuisance.


It is worth familiarising yourself with the various bedside table styles available so that you know your options.


Bedside Tables with Storage: A drawer, shelves or small cupboard encapsulated within a bedside table comes in very useful if you like to keep a stock of bedtime reading and lotions and potions nearby. They can also come in useful for hiding lamp or charger cables neat and tidy.


Wall-mounted Bedside Tables:

A shelf or cube storage fixed to the wall to the side of the bed frees up floor space and lends a sleek look to the bedroom.


Boxes and Baskets:

Using a storage box or basket in place of a more traditional bedside table is a useful way of getting in some extra storage space and a popular option in small bedrooms.

Side Tables:

Don’t feel you are limited to a bedside table — look around at the wide variety of side tables out there to find one that suits your space.


It might be worth thinking outside the box a little if you are very limited on space. Headboards with storage, bedside caddies that hang down one side of the bed and even wall-mounted magazine holders are all great option.



Only keep those items which you use every single night on the table top. One book, a bedside lamp and space for a glass of water should just about do it. If you also like the idea of an alarm clock, tissues or similar, consider a bedside table with a little more surface space to avoid a jumbled look. If you have space, a small vase or candle can go a long way towards creating a sense of calm. Relegate everything else to a shelf or drawer within the bedside table.


Table Top Organisers

Invest in a few well-chosen storage items in order to keep your bedside neat and tidy. Good examples include small trays, baskets and trinket boxes and pots.


No Space for a Bedside Lamp?

A number one priority for your bedside should be a light source. If you would prefer to keep your bedside table as clear as possible, consider having wall lights or spotlights on the wall next to your bed instead of a table lamp. Pendants on long cables hanging to either side can also look very striking.


For a contemporary twist, consider fitting discreet LED light strips behind the bed or bedside table to create a relaxing glow without taking up any space.

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